Show your support for HIV awareness by joining us, Calico Spirit, for the 2012 Panhandle AIDS Walk.  Registration starts at 12p @ Trails West behind Riverside Zoo.  The walk begins at 1pm with door prizes after.

Proceeds from the walk are used in education, prevention and outreach in our area.    You may donate here….

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Golden Girls – “AIDS Isn’t a bad person’s disease”

Had to share this as this year’s memorial reminded me how -even today- the stereotypes still persist.

Most everyone I know know the exact moment they got it… decades later… and often, it boiled down to one partner, one night.

So, it’s still up to us to let people know “AIDS is NOT a bad person disease”… as it really is an unfortunate disease that often strikes good people at a moment they least expect it.

Enjoy the clip!

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World AIDS Day 2011

Dec 1st, nine panels of the AIDS Memorial Quilt will be on display from 9 am to 4pm at the Hampton Inn in Scottsbluff.

A silent auction & raffle will  start off at 5:45 pm with beverages and appetizers… followed by a candlelight memorial at 6pm.  This is an open-house, free event.

The quilt to be raffled (lower pic) was made by by volunteer Marsha Hoisington.


Please RSVP to Jill Young.

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As-promised! New format & exciting changes!

As the web has changed, so have the ways we access it…

So… to make it easier to access & maintain, we are now using WordPress!  Wordpress is a powerful content-generator that powers many of the largest websites on the planet.  Because of this, we can now add features that will make the website more useful on mobile devices and tie into other websites (if we chose).

As-always… there are bound to be a few hiccups during the change.  Please let Pokey or Jill know if you have any issues or concerns!


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Call for Volunteers

Calico Spirit needs volunteers to help with the website, HIV-related fundraising, education, outreach and prevention activities. 

Please contact Jill at (308) 635-3807 if you’d like to volunteer!

Pictured at right are volunteers preparing an office to be used for HIV education, counseling, and testing. 

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An Apology…. and exciting changes ahead!

An Apology…. and exciting changes ahead!

I’m fully recovered from my bout with H1N1… and I apologize for the delays in getting us back up-to-speed since.  We’re now making changes  that will allow other volunteers to fill-in!

We’re moving to a different software package that brings NEW features such as MOBILE-friendly access and news feeds to let you know when there are updates … but at the same time, it will make it easier to allow more volunteers to contribute to the website! 

As – always, we need volunteers who are willing to help with the site & help test the changes!  Contact Pokey or Jill (308) 635-3807  if you’d like to help!

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Ryan White Advisory meeting

There will be a Ryan White Advisory committee meeting for clients on Monday, Dec. 5 at 5:15pm @ Regional West Med Ctr.

Please RSVP to Jill as the meeting includes a meal.

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Loss of our friend, Mary

On January 30, longtime friend & volunteer Marilyn (Mary) Thorsen of Torrington passed away. Mary took part in fundraising, hospitality and other Calico events until her health made attending the events difficult over the past couple of years. She was mother to fellow volunteer Bill M who said she was at-peace and “ready for the next part of her journey.” Her unique cheer & enthusiasm will be missed.

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World AIDS Day 2009

World AIDS Day 2009
Dec 1, 2009

Nearly 100 attended this year’s World AIDS Day Memorial, which consisted of art show & dinner, and then a multi-media presentation remembering those we’ve lost over the years. Live entertainment was provided by local group Yes, Ma’m, whom you may remember from the AIDS Walk in September.

Pictured are some of the volunteers who helped make this year’s event possible!

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If you have arrived at this page, you are at our ALPHA test site.    While you are welcome to look around, it is buggy and incomplete.

Please return to   to see our content.

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